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Find a good restaurant

How do you know if you are in a "good" restaurant? A restaurant where the cuisine is good and fresh. It is not easy to choose and find an excellent table, but it should not be forgotten that the influx of holidaymakers and quality restaurants is somewhat incompatible. More informations : . In hyper-centres or in areas adjacent to tourist monuments, you are guaranteed to cover 3 times more than elsewhere and you also risk being treated as a clientele on a series. These restaurants do not hesitate to serve poor quality dishes at a high price! We advise you to move around to find more restaurants.

The menu of a restaurant in Nice

All gourmands will tell you that a coherent, simple and clean menu is the reflection of a fantastic cuisine. This menu contains various references that can help you differentiate between positive and negative restaurants: avoid expansion cards translated into six languages, with photos of tourist selections accompanied by dishes. Also focus on the size of this restaurant. More informations, contact a professionnal restaurant management consultant. If the restaurant is still small, the menu should not be too large (this ensures that everything is new). A fantastic way to determine if the restaurant is "good" is to examine the consistency of this menu: if the restaurant does everything (seafood, meat of all kinds, organic, vegetarian...) and what else, it's questionable. To obtain a "classic" restaurant, you must have 4 or 3 choices of starters, main courses and desserts.

Evening in a tapas bar

Tapas are classic appetizers for aperitifs, dinners or complete meals, classic of contemporary cuisine, generally composed of a rich variety of taste preparations varied according to the regional Spanish culinary products (delicatessen, cheese, fish, crispy vegetables, olives and olive oil...) served with beer, sangria, Spanish wines or alcoholic drinks. You will see bars in Nice and all over the French Riviera to discover this concept.

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